Strong Cleaning Set for Textile Upholstery


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For cleaning large surfaces of upholstery fabrics.

The Puratex® strong cleaner has been specially developed for the removal of everyday and even older stains from textile upholstery. This cleaner is offered in 3 variants:

Always treat upholstery with distilled water or with LCK® cleaning water after you have cleaned with Puratex® strong cleaner. The fabric can then be impregnated with the Puratex® protection spray.


  1. Remove coarse contamination with a spoon or the blunt side of a knife.
  2. Then treat the stain with the Puratex® strong cleaner. Put some of the cleaner on a clean cloth and work the stain. Always work from the outside in and always treat a larger area than the stain itself.
  3. After cleaning with Puratex® cleaning water. Put a little cleaning water in a container and immerse the LCK® cleaning glove / clean cloth and wring it out. Then carefully clean the cleaned fabric from seam to seam. Possibly repeat once.
  4. If necessary, impregnate the fabric again with the Puratex® impregnation. Hold the pump sprayer at a distance of 20-30 centimeters (+/- 10 inches) above the fabric and spray a thin, even layer. Try to keep the pump sprayer as vertical as possible. Prevent dripping. Allow the fabric to dry well.

Recommended frequency:

When advised or with stains, 500ml is sufficient for 5-10 seats.


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