CORALUX Leather Care Set Car


Complete set for the regular maintenance of car leather.

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CORALUX Leather Care Set Car

The leather in your car has to endure a lot of stress. Jackets, bags, jeans, dog paws, grandchildren and the groceries. To keep your quality leather in top condition, there is now the Coralux® complete care set. The lotion from this set has a nourishing and restoring effect. It ensures that the leather stays supple and protected. The built-in UV filter protects the leather against sunlight. The cleaner is suitable for removing unpleasant stains such as coffee or lemonade. Light colour transfer* such as jeans can also be removed. In short, everything in one set to preserve the original look of your leather!

*Differers per leather, if in doubt send us a photo of the stain via the address on the contact page.


Make sure the leather is dust-free.

Clean the leather with the cleaner and the sponge. Put some of the cleaner in a container so that you can squeeze a lot of foam. Apply the foam to the leather and wipe it off the foam with a slightly damp cloth. Use preverbly distilled water to prevent limescale.

Once the leather is dry nourish/protect with the care lotion.

Then allow to dry for about 2 hours.

Recommended frequency:

Half-yearly, sufficient for 5-7 seats.

Best before:

36 months after production date.


Coralux® lotion P (200ml), Coralux® active plus cleaner (200ml), sponge (1 piece), cloth (2 pieces), manual


Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.


Do you have an interior with a lot of textile? Take a look at the Puratex® complete care set for fabric!

Scratches and / or slight damage can be eliminated with a Keralux® colour repair set. In cooperation with various car brands such as Audi, BMW and Porsche we can make almost any colour. Even when it is a leather from 30 years ago! Do you have questions about this? Contact us via the details on the contact page.

White leather with jeans spots? Protect yourself with the Keralux® strong protector! Coralux® colour repair set for automotive leather – according to sample or colour number manufacturer

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