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Leather Couch Repairs – Love My Furniture

Here are at Love My Furniture, we are the specialists in everything furniture. One aspect of our business is furniture repairs and we also provide leather couch repairs using the latest cleaning methods and equipment on the market.

Our furniture repairs team

Our furniture repairs team has over 20 years of experience in the furniture repair industries,  they are dedicated to every task that is put before them and will ensure that meticulous care is taken in every job they undertake. Whether it be tables, cabinets or couch repairs our staff are able to bring it back to life. Over the years we have worked with a vast amount of global furniture manufacturers as well as furniture retailers and importers which gives us solid knowledge of the furniture market as a whole.

Leather Couch Repairs

We realise that there are many different designs and styles of leather couches on the market today, our upholsters are on hand in order to advise you of any options when it comes to repairing your couch with regards to fabrics and the aesthetics of the couch itself, rest assured that our furniture repair specialists have the experience and expertise to bring your furniture back to life.

What do our leather repairs entail?

Our experienced leather furniture repair team can provide minor leather repairs for whatever the state of your leather.

For example, we are experienced in the following;

  • Material and leather upholstery re-covered (couch repairs)
  • Scratch removal from furniture
  • Leather colour restoration
  • Leather re-colouring
  • Small repairs
  • Rips and tears restoration

All leather furniture repairs are dealt with in house by our specialists leather furniture repair team.

Leather Couch Repairs

Couch Repairs – Bring your old couch back to life.

Our furniture repair solutions are highly rated across the UK. We have hundreds of retained customers around the country who choose us as their first-choice furniture repairs team. We bring you an flawless experience with our great customer experience and our great results.

What are some common couch repair issues?

We get a great of issues when it comes to couch repairs. Here are a few examples:

  • Pet damage i.e. claw marks
  • Suspension issues i.e. springs
  • Stains across the surface i.e. coffee stains
  • Broken structure
  • Seats losing padding and becoming flat
  • Cigarette burns
  • Recliner not functioning properly

Why choose us for your leather couch repairs?

We take all the stress out of dealing with damaged furniture. As specialists in the industry for over 20 years, we have dealt with an abundance of couch repairs scenarios. For a great price, you can take away to effort having to deal with fixing dodgy springs or damaged structure. Additionally, when it comes to the more complicated stuff, we’ve got you covered on that too!

But it doesn’t all end with the repair. We like to ensure that your couch is not going to break again, so we provide stable and secure solutions to your furniture problems. Your furniture after repair from us will feel like it’s brand new again.

We at Love My Furniture hope to be involved in your future furniture repairs.