Car Care


Floor Protection


Furniture Protection



The award winning Quickclick furniture and floor protection system is a multi-functional glide solution and is the first of its kind in the UK that has an interchangeable and replacement base suitable for carpets, wood and tiled floors.

Move-it Pads

Move-it pads are a simple furniture moving aid that work on most types of flooring surfaces. They allow incredibly easy and efficient rearranging of large items of furniture without the associated health and safety pitfalls.

Stone Care

This complete care set contains everything to keep your stone surfaces such as marble, granite and slate in top condition. The impregnation will make the natural structure visible again and ensures that dirt can penetrate less quickly.

Leather Care

The Keralux® Lotion P contains antioxidants with which it can hydrate the leather for an optimal regenerative effect. This is the perfect combination to keep your pigmented leather in top condition and long-lasting.

Car Care

Our car care kits offer everything you need for the thorough cleaning, effective care and optimum protection of genuine leather / synthetic leather combinations in cars!

Felt Pads

It’s a quick, easy and cost-effective solution. Pick a suitable style and install in seconds, making sure that the floor and furniture surfaces are clean to ensure the finish is not being damaged.


Furni-glide frees furniture from being anchored to carpets and rugs. Carpet fibres can’t ‘grab’ your furniture as the Furni-glide ‘floats’ above it. From sofas, storage cabinets and super-sized sideboards to weighty welsh dressers and wardrobes.

Furniture Repair

We are highly skilled and are trained to produce the best possible outcome when repairing furniture regardless of the cause (manufacturing defects, delivery or transit damage).